Planwell combines the services of your reprographer with a powerful web application that accomplishes four primary tasks:
Manages and tracks your project and specs
Manages and tracks the users of your project plans and specs
Allows users to order prints and arrange for delivery and/or distribution
Compiles a historical record and archives your plans and specs as documents are added to your planroom.
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CopyRite has taken Planwell a step further with our product. is a web based customized graphical user interface to make using Planwell even easier for you, your subcontractors and your business partners. Call today to find out more.
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PlanWell EWO is an electronic work order available online from CopyRite . The next time you need to order, reach for the mouse and your internet browser instead of reaching for a paper order form or the phone.


BidcasterTM, a premier Invitation-To-Bid online service links directly to CopyRite’s PlanWell® General Contractors, Subcontractors and Suppliers find that BidcasterTM combined with PlanWell® comprises a new powerful, fast and affordable bid solicitation and plan distribution solution. BidCaster optimizes savings and convenience when performing essential, but difficult and messy bid solicitation and plan distribution tasks.


An advanced, secure web-to-print technology to manage all of your corporate brand related materials. CopyRite Direct Print is a leading Print On Demand solution. Direct Print provides you and your company with a centralized on-line inventory of printed and promotional materials across your enterprise. 

Customized, branded templates such as business cards can also be stored so that you and your employees can edit, order and receive your products. CopyRite manages all the inventory, printing, shipping, billing and distribution.
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